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WK Livestock Customer Spotlight

wk livestock

Our Customer Spotlight for April is WK Livestock. WK Livestock, located in Purdon, TX, is owned and operated by Willd Kujawa and family. Specializing in breeding and raising a variety of cattle, Mr. Kujawa has been an Ark Country Store customer for the past eight years.

Mr. Kujawa chooses to feed ACS Cattle Grower. This textured creep feed is specially formulated for younger growing calves, or calves that are in early feedlot production. Mr. Kujawa has been feeding ACS Cattle Grower for a little over five months and finds the feed’s consistency and moisture content to be ideal.

Feeding ACS Cattle Grower to younger heifers, smaller growing calves, and even preconditioning bulls, Mr. Kujawa says his favorite thing about the ration is that “it has a good consistency that doesn’t get the cattle too fat. It looks and smells good, so every time the cattle see the brown paper feed bag they come running to the feed trough.”

Mr. Kujawa recently oversaw the feeding of 25 head of registered Brangus heifers for four months to prepare them for showing at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Commercial Heifer Show this past February. The Brangus heifers are owned by Legends Cattle LLC., located in Emory, Texas. Legends Cattle LLC., formally known as Garrett Brangus, is operated by Todd Garrett. Mr. Garrett has participated in a 16-year-long genetics selection process that fine tunes the cattle, creating breeding genetics that successfully produced recent champions.

Legends Cattle competed in the FWSSR Commercial Heifer Show, with one pen (10 head of heifers), and ultimately placed second in its class. This was a great honor for Legends Cattle, as it was its first time competing in the show. The heifers starting weight was about 700 lbs., and they were shown weighing approximately 1,100 lbs. Being fed ACS Cattle Grower once a day for four months, the heifers gained approximately 3.25 lbs. a day.

Here is the nutritional information on ACS Cattle Grower:


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