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Customer Spotlight: Nanette Paghi

Nanette PaghiNanette Paghi of Waxahachie, Texas, is a long-time customer of Ark Country Store. Nanette keeps a variety of animals such as horses, llamas, a miniature donkey, parrots, peafowls, dogs, and cats. With such a large brood to care for and feed, Nanette shops Ark Country Store. Ark is a one-stop location,  making it easy for Nanette to find everything she needs. Along with feed and pet food, Nanette purchases coastal hay from Ark Country Store. Her animals love it. “The Ark sells the cleanest coastal hay,” says Nanette. “It stays fresh and green until I am ready to feed it. People always ask me where I find such high-quality coastal hay, and I always tell them, Ark Country Store.”

Customer service and product variety are additional reasons why Nanette loves Ark Country Store. “If I ever need a particular feed special ordered or any advice about a product, I know that Ark Country Store can help me out.”

Gift items and Yeti products keep Nanette coming back to Ark Country Store. “Y’all have the best supply of Yeti products and accessories around,” says Paghi. “I love coming in to see the new products that arrive weekly. Not to mention the variety and health of your chicks during “chick season” is above average. I would recommend The Ark to any and all of my friends, especially my farm and ranch friends.”

Stop by Ark Country Store in Midlothian, TX or Waxahachie, TX for all of your livestock needs and to check out all of our new products arriving daily! We appreciate our loyal customers!