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Mojo Dove Decoy Fall Sale

Mojo Dove Decoy Sale | Ark Country StoreScore a new Mojo Dove Decoy and save at Ark Country Store in Waxahachie, Texas. During our Mojo Dove Decoy Sale, buy one dove decoy at regular price and get the second one at 50% off. Good while supplies last at our Waxahachie Store. (Not valid at the Midlothian store). 

The MoJo VooDoo Dove Decoy can change the way you hunt doves. Redesigned with a larger, more realistic, body in a natural landing position, the Voodoo Dove spins its lightweight, corrugated plastic wings to display the alternating dark/white flashes of landing or lofting birds. Keep your birds handy in your vest and shells close for easy reload.  

Bring the doves to you this season with Mojo VooDoo Dove Decoys from Ark Country Store!