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New Purina Accuration Hi-Fat Block

New Purina Accuration Hi-Fat BlockPurina Accuration Hi-Fat Block is a self-fed, high-fat protein supplement with Intake Modifying Technology. It delivers 10% fat and provides additional energy to help balance forage nutrient deficiencies. When forage is deficient, your cows need additional energy to remain high-performing and productive. That’s what your bottom line is all about. 

Using Accuration Hi-Fat Block is beneficial because it:

1. Delivers 10% Fat

  • Helps maintain optimal body condition and performance, event when cattle lack energy in their diet from inadequate quality forage
  • Can be used for replacement heifer development, cows or heifers in mid-to-late-gestation, balancing deficiencies of fall forages and for cattle in large range pasture situations

2. Maximizes forage use

  • Encourages snack eating, which enables cattle to eat more forage and get more out of the forage they eat
  • feeding location can vary to encourage more uniform forage consumption

3. Provides confidence

  • Accuration Hi-Fat Block is part of the Purina All Seasons Cattle Nutrition Program
  • The program ensures cattle energy needs are met year-round as forage availability changes